Video & Drones

While you may be well aware of the importance of professional photography to your real estate listings, you have another valuable tool that should be considered as a supplement to your photography: real estate videos. When preparing to list a property, professional photography is something that has been established as a clear necessity, not just a luxury. Home buyers spend more time researching properties online than ever before and most do this research before ever contacting a realtor to look at a listing. This means that pictures that are done professionally are imperative to getting buyers into your homes. However, many real estate agents are finding that real estate highlight videos, walkthrough videos and drone photography/videos are just as important as good pictures.

Recent studies have shown that 85% of sellers prefer to work with Realtors that offer video as part of their marketing plan (yet only 15% of Realtors offer this service.) Let us help you better leverage yourself with the 85% of sellers looking for professional videography for their listings.

Real Estate Drone Video

Real Estate Drone Video

Real Estate walkthrough video featuring aerial footage.

Property aerial video

Real Estate walkthrough video.

Real Estate highlight video.

Neighborhood Marketing Video

Property Drone Video